Softy Lite is a new exclusive professional affordable LED light designed for the new sensitive digital movie cameras. It produces a controllable soft light, with no spill light, with snoot and egg crate light can be directed exactly where it is needed. For documentaries, dramas, animation, block buster or indie this is another valuble tool for the DOP. For use as FILL KEY and BACK LIGHT.


It works with all professional film industry light fittings stands, gaffer grips, turtles etc. and on its own it is a compact cool light source fitting in the smallest spaces.Light weight, only 1 kilo / 2 pounds, but robust, built to survive in the professional film environment. The whole unit is only  23cm x 23.5cm x 8cm / 9 inch x 9 1/4 inch x 3 1/5 inch.


Eight LED panels can be switched in any combination with just four switches.In photographic stops, each switches halves or doubles light output giving total flexibility.8 panels of 48 LEDs, daylight balanced and wired for 12 volts in banks of three LEDs.12v DC power supply from mains or battery supply with standard universal 2.1 mm power socket. Power consumption:  3.5 amps 60 watts