CEO PACKAGE Green Screen Lighting

Sometimes news comes out fast and furious, you need to get a message out to your audience quickly. We are here to help.

That’s why we developed the CEO package. We can set up a news or interview lighting set-Up at your choice of location in less than 1 hr.



1 x Technician

1 x 8x8 Green Screen

1  8x8 Frame

2 x KinoFlo for screen

3 x 1x1 LED Light panels for subject

7 x Stands

All of this can be run on local power.

AED 1900

Reduced package cost per half day = 5hrs

Ideal lighting set up for green screen

This reduced package needs to be paid for in advance here. If you need 30 days credit the cost of hiring these items individually is 5000AED per day.

We can also organize Camera and Sound crew with all the necessary equipment.